Floral & Herbal Baked Apple Sticks

Floral & Herbal Baked Apple Sticks

These floral and herbal apple sticks are for those bunnies that love variety. Apple sticks, in general, are great chews for rabbits, however, here at Hopping Mad, we thought we'd spice them up a bit! Each stick is smothered in mashed banana and then rolled in parsley flakes, dried rose petals, dried marigold and dried lavender. They are then baked to allow for that yummy crunchiness. Your bunnies will definitely thank you for this tasty chew for them!


Each bundle comes with 10 sticks!

  • Ingredient List

    These Apple sticks are organically harvested and are 100% natural and safe (pesticide free) for your bunnies!

    Ingredients: Banana, Parsley Flakes, Dried Rose Petals, Dried Marigold and Dried Lavendar.

  • Recommended Serving

    Please remember that this chew is also a treat and should not replace your rabbit's regular diet, which should consist of 80% hay, 10% vegetbales and 5% pellets. The remaining 5% is for healthy treats, and as such these should be limited to only 1-2 chews a week. Thank you