Floral Loofs

Floral Loofs

Introducing Floral Loofs! These tasty loofah chews are 100% safe for your little ones as loofah is a natural ingredient made from a bunny safe vegetable! The side of the loofahs is then dipped in mashed banana and sprinkled with a type of dried flower/leaf. The five floral types we have are Marigold, Rose, Chamomile, Dandelion and Blue Cornflower! Choose whichever two flavours you want or which you feel your bun will like the most!


Benefits of Marigold: Good for skin issues, digestive problems and acts as an immune booster and appetite stimulant.


Benefits of Rose: It contains a variety of vitamins and minerals and is very tasty to bunnies.


Benefits of Chamomile: Helps with pain relief, reduces inflammation, reduces gas build-up and fevers and helps calm down nervous bunnies. Is also a natural antimicrobial, antifungal and antibiotic. 


Benefits of Dandelion: Helps with digestive issues such as diarrhoea, is blood purifying, strengthens the immune system, prevents heart disease, bladder infections and respiratory infections and is a natural antibiotic, anti-inflammatory and pain relief.


Benefits of Blue Cornflower: Supports normal digestion and possesses anti-inflammatory properties.


One packet contains 2 Floral Loofs of whichever flavour you choose! As these chews are a natural product, the shape or appearance may vary slightly from the picture.

  • Ingredient List

    Made out of 100% natural and safe ingredients for your buns!

    Ingredients: Loofah, Banana and either Rose petals, Marigold petals, Chamomile flowers, Dandelion leaves or Blue Cornflower.

  • Recommended Serving

    Please remember that this chew is also a treat and should not replace your rabbit's regular diet, which should consist of 80% hay, 10% vegetables and 5% pellets. The remaining 5% is for healthy treats, and as such these should be limited to only 1-2 chews a week. Thank you!

  • Storage

    Keep stored in a sealed bag or glass jar. Store in a cool and dark location.

  • Shelf Life

    1 month