Holiday Wreath

Holiday Wreath

Are you looking to decorate your rabbit's room or enclosure for Christmas this year? Why not hang up this super yummy and cute Holiday Wreath! The Holiday Wreath is made of oaten hay and tied together with a natural and bunny-safe jute rope! Pinecones and Goji Berries are added for some extra holiday cheer! 


An order is for one Holiday Wreath! As these wreaths are handmade, the shape or appearance may vary slightly from the picture. Furthermore, there may be variations in the hay colour from green to yellow due to it being a natural product. 


PLEASE NOTE: As this is a handmade item made to order, please allow us 2-4 days to process and pack your order! 

  • Ingredient List

    Made out of 100% natural and safe ingredients for your buns! However, please monitor your bunnies while playing/chewing on their wreath!

    Ingredients: Oaten Hay, Jute Rope, Pinecones and Goji Berries