Reindeer Sleigh Garland

Reindeer Sleigh Garland

Are forage boxes and bags not your bunnies style? Well, why not try out our Reindeer Sleigh Garland! Each reindeer is made up of a different mix of Christmas theme forage ingredients! The yellow/white reindeer is a mix of oaten hay, white cornflower and marigold petals. The red reindeer is a mix of oaten hay, white cornflower, peppermint and freeze dried strawberry slices. And finally, the green reindeer is a mix of oaten hay, peppermint and parsley. Hang the garland up around the house or within your rabbit's enclosure and watch them work to get to the yummy forage inside. Want to make it more fun for your buns? Add their favourite treats or fruits to the garland to make it extra special! 


Each purchase comes with one Reindeer Sleigh Garland. As this is a handmade product, the shape or appearance may vary slightly from the picture.

  • Ingredient List

    Made out of 100% natural and safe ingredients for your buns!

    Ingredients: Kraft Pillow Boxes, Jute Rope, Oaten Hay, White Cornflower, Marigold, Peppermint, Parsley and Freeze Dried Strawberries.