Seagrass Tent

Seagrass Tent

Introducing our Seagrass tent! Made entirely of seagrass this is a great chew toy for those destructive bunnies! It also acts as a fun tunnel for which your bunny can run back and forth. It is a perfect sized tent for bunnies of a small to the medium-sized range! It is tied together with thin pieces of seagrass rope which is entirely safe for your buns to chew. Don't miss out on this amazing chew toy!


Please Note: For ease of shipping this tent will be folded flat. As such, the top piece of the tent will not be tied together to allow it to lay flat. When your tent arrives you will see three pieces of seagrass rope on each side of the tent. Using the rope tie the pieces together to bring the tent together. If there is any confusion or need of assistance please do not hesitate to ask us!

  • Ingredient List

    Made out of 100% natural and safe ingredients for your buns!

    Ingredients: Seagrass

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